The Yerxa Family Tree

Amy Annice (Yerxa) Cosman spent many years gathering the data for the Yerxa Family Tree. She was presenting the data in the form of a conventional book, which was not completed at her death. Rather than complete the book as she intended I have used the computer to present the data in a more modern form. The web page design with its hypertext links make tracing the tree up and down much easier. The links on the "generations" pages and the alphabetic index of names makes finding individuals very easy. The hypertext links also provide a very convienent way to present the supporting documents, photos, and so on, for an individual right on the page giving the individual's basic geneological data.

Although a computer is required to "read" this version of the family tree, it has the advantage of being at least an order of magnitude easier to produce and distribute copies using CDROMs as compared to paper copies. As well, the computer version is easily updated and the reproduction is always exact and in full colour.

Although the form of the work has been changed, I have attempted to use all of Amy's notes, supporting documents and the text that she had written about the Yerxas. In addition, I have included the correspondence that Amy had with other family members in her quest for information on the Yerxas. Quite a few individuals contributed data to the "tree".

Any additional data about the family, including photos, newspaper clippings, stories about individuals, etc. will be gladly accepted and added to the tree. Corrections of the errors in the data presented are requested and desired.

R. A. Green

Members of the family can receive a free CDROM copy of the "Yerxa Family Tree" by requesting it at the above email address.