Meredith Wright Yerxa

Children of Meredith Wright Yerxa and Raymond Stanley Mitchison

  1. David Raymond Mitchison born 17 February 1958
    Married Amy Montaque Potts (b. 13 July 1963) 15 January 1994
    David is a farm manager
    Amy runs daycare from home
  2. Karen Merry Mitchison born 21 April 1961
    Married Robert Wenz (b. 22 December 1955) 21 April 1984
  3. Dawn Caroline Mitchison born 18 August 1963
    Received AAS degree from SUNY at Delphi 1983 and SUNY at Cableskill 1985
    Married Keath James Fortier (b. 7 August 1959) 17 May 1986
    Dawn does animal research (some of her animals went on space fights)
    Keath is a warehouse manager for Walmart
  4. Linda Catherine Mitchison born 20 July 1965
    Received AAS degree from SUNY at Cableskill 1985
    Received BA degree from College of St. Rose in 1988
    Linda is a speech therapist at a school in Pittsfield MA