Mary [Belle] Yerxa

Children of Mary [Belle] Yerxa and Leander Albert Cliff

  1. Alfred Addington Cliff born 5 May 1874 in NB
    Became a doctor
    Married Cornelia Allen
    Died 27 August 1961 at San Marino, Los Angeles County CA
  2. Mary Estey Cliff born about 1877 at Boston MA
    Married Percival Wayland White 2 July 1910; 5 children
    Died 3 January 1926
  3. Edna Lee Cliff born about 1878 at Boston MA
    Died 1929
  4. Gertrude Yerxa Cliff
    Married Thomas M. Vinson
    Lived in Winchester MA
    Their daughter Maribel Yerxa Vinson was an Olympic skater who died in an airplane crash in Europe in 1960
    Died 1969
  5. Frederica Leigh Cliff born about 1882 in Boston MA
    Became a doctor
  6. William Holyoke Cliff born 1883 in Boston MA
    Married Gladys Pemberton
    Died 2 September 1960 in MA
    Buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex County MA (with wife Gladys and son William Jr.)