Susan E. Yerxa

Children of Susan Yerxa and Charles W. Whitney

  1. Theodoria E. Whitney born 1863
  2. Mattie Whitney born 31 January 1865
  3. Minerva A. "Minnie" Whitney born 6 May 1868
    Married Joseph Barton; 4 children
    Died 3 March 1952
  4. Emulous Charles Whitney born 1872
    Died in youth of black diphtheria
  5. Ella C. Whitney born 1878
    Died in youth of black diphtheria
  6. Zina Whitney
    Married ??? Lee
  7. (Daughter) Whitney
    Married Fred Dyer

Both Zina Lee and Mrs. Dyer were said to have lived and died in Lincoln ME. They could be interred in Bangor ME. Again, no proof.