Hannah Elizabeth Yerxa

Children of Hannah Elizabeth Yerxa and William Karnes

  1. Allan Henry Karnes born 25 July 1870 at Green Road, Carleton County NB
    Died 1887 aged 17 years from measles
    Buried in Houlton ME
  2. William E. "Billy" Karnes born 15 March 1873
    Married Ellen E. Riordon; 13 children
    Died 1 March 1954
    Ellen E. Riordon was born 10 February 1877
    Daughter of Jeremiah and Ellen Riordon
    Died 30 March 1955
    Both buried in Calvary Cemetery at Woodstock NB
  3. Elizabeth Karnes born 20 April 1877
    Died 12 March 1878
  4. Mary "Maime" Alice Karnes born 1877 at Richmond Corner, Carleton County NB
    Married Robert Jackson (Jack) Townsend
    Died Januray 1960 at Calgary AB
    Burried in Saskatoon SK
    Robert Jackson (Jack) Townsend was born 4 February 1874 at Woodstock NB
    Christened 24 April 1874
    Died June 1941 at Saskatoon SK
    Burried in Saskatoon SK
    Jack Townsend worked as tinsmith at Connell Foundry, Woodstock NB. He was a gentle person, went west and eventually worked as Registrar, Land Titles Office, Province of Saskatchewan. Mary Karnes-Townsend worked hard, was a good homemaker, took in roomers & boarders, was enthusiastic and ambitious.