Notes About Hamilton Yerxa

Press Newspaper Feb 8, 1887 reported:


A frightful accident occured at Houlton last Friday afternoon, by which Hamilton Yerxa, stepson of William Kennedy, of this town, was severely burned.

The Aroostook Times says:


Mr. Yerxa, who has charge of lighting the street lamps, and family met with a very severe accident last Tuesday afternoon at his residence, on Military street. Mr. Yerxa was attempting to fill a lamp with naptha, and being in the vicinity of a hot stove, the gas from the fluid took fire, and when in the act of throwing the burning lamp out of doors his clothes took fire, and also those of his wife and little child who were near him in the room. The child, aged 8 years, was severely burned on her breast and arms, his wife had both arms burned, and he one arm, which he carries in a sling.