Addington Samuel Yerxa

Children of Addington Samuel Yerxa and Josephine "Minnie" McGowan

  1. Paul Addington born 23 May 1889
  2. Ruth Marie born 4 June 1894 in Boston MA

Note:The following are excerpts from a letter in possession of Kathy (Fenner) Pritchard, written by Ruth regarding her father.

My father was born in Keswick, New Brunswick, Canada, His name was Addington Samuel Yerxa. his ancestry was Scotch, English and French. He was a naturalized citizen of the U. S. I had One brother who died as young man. His name was Paul Yerxa. I have a Baptismal record that says I was named Ruth Mary Yerxa. I grew up in Mankato and Minneapolis, MN. As a young child my mother passed away when I was 2 years old and my brother was 4 years old. My father raised us. After my mother's death we lived in Boston. We received our schooling in Mankato and Minneapolis. My father ran a grocery store while we lived in Boston. After my mother's death he sold the grocery business and moved west.