1851 Census of Canada
Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick
Name Sex Relation-
Age Occupation Date of
the Colony
John McElroy M Husband 57 Farmer  
Hannah McElroy F Wife 63    
Allan McElroy M Son 25    
Archibal McElroy M Husband 28 Farmer  
Rachel McElroy F Wife 26    
John McElroy M Son 6    
Martha McElroy F Daughter 4    
Hannah McElroy F Daughter 2    
Ward McElroy M Husband 26 Millman  
Isabel McElroy F Wife 21    
Charles McElroy M Son Infant    
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Jero McElroy M Husband 30 Millman  
Marg McElroy F Wife 29    
William McElroy M Son 7    
[Hanson] McElroy M Son 5    
Robert McElroy M Son 1