The Yerxa Family Fourth Generation

Many members of the fourth generation were spelling their name as Yerkse so that is the spelling used here (in the fifth generation it had mutated to Yerxa). At the fourth generation members were also beginning to use anglicized first names.

Jannetje Yerkse (1715-?)
Engeltje Yerkse (1717-?)
Margaret Yerkse (1720-?)
Johannes Yerkse (1721-?)
John Yerkse (1722-1760)
Johannes Yerkse (1724-1772)
Johannes Yerkse (1725-1798)
William Yerkse (1725-before 1785)
Abraham Yerkse (1726-1752)
Elizabeth Yerkse (1727-)
Isaac Yerkse (1728-)
Jannetje Yerkse (1729-1798)
Lea Yerkse (1729-)
Maritie Yerkse (1729-before 1771)
Antje Yerkse (1731-)
Hector Yerkse (1732-)
Catrina Yerkse (1734-)
Aeltje Yerkse (1736-)
Solomon Yerkse (1738-)
Henry Yerkse (1740-)