The Dutch Ancestry of Storm

The Storm Family has been traced back to Dederick Storm of Wyck in the “Land of Altena.” Wyck was a village settled by Vikings in the Tenth Century. The name Storm is Norse in origin and has remained unchanged for about 675 years. Many Storm wives were Dutch.

Dederick Storm was born about 1390. He had two sons, Jacob, who was mayor of Delft, Holland in 1474, and Hugo, who was born in Delft in 1430.

1390-     Dederick Storm   - born Wyck
1430-     Hugo Storm       - born Delft
1452-     Derick Storm     - Delft - married a Van der Dussen
1475-1540 Hugo Storm       - Delft - married Maria van Vosmaer of Delft
1503-     Hendrick Storm   - Delft - married 1535 Cornelia van der Hoogh of Delft
1536-1579 Dirck Storm      - Delft - married 1566 Deliana van der Dussen of Delft
1569-     Ewald Storm      - Delft - married 1595 Eva van Swaenswyck of Delft
1599-1663 Dirck Storm, Sr. - Delft - married 1625 Alida van Corlenbosck of Leyden
1630-1716 Dirck Storm, Jr. - Leyden, Holland - married 1655 Maria van Montfoort of Leyden

The father of the Storm family in America (New Netherland) was Dirck, born in 1630 in Leyden, Holland. Dirck married Maria Van Montfoort in St. Gertrude’s Church in Den Bosch. Their first child, Gregoris, was born in Den Bosch as was their son Pieter. Their third son, David, was born in Osch. This family of five sailed from Amsterdam, Holland on August 31, 1662 aboard the ship Devos, known as “The Fox.” The passenger list of 55 people listed Dirck Storm as 32 years old. The voyage lasted six weeks and ended with their arrival in the city then known as Nieuw Amsterdam.

Upon arriving in New Netherland in 1662, Dirck1 Storm turned to innkeeping in New Amsterdam. He was a precantor of the Brooklyn and Flatbush Churches and a farmer in New Lots and Bedford, Long Island. In 1691, he was made Clerk of Sessions for Orange County, New York. In 1697, he moved to Philips Manor in New York, which is now Tarrytown. In 1715, he was selected to make up a Church record from memoranda kept by Abraham de’Rivier. The record was for the Dutch Church in Philipsburg and the Dutch Church in Cortland Manor. These two churches consolidated about April 21, 1697. This was the first record book of “The Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow.” His listing of baptisms from April 21, 1697 to April 18, 1716 comprised 319 names of children, their parents and sponsors. Dirck Storm died in Tarrytown in May or June of 1716. There were nine children.

Children of Dirck Storm and Maria van Montfoort:

  1. Gregorius b. 1656 m. Engeltje van Dyck
  2. Pieter b. 1658 m. Margrietje
  3. David b. 1661 m. Esther Sie
  4. Maria b. 1663 m. Caspar Springsteen
  5. Anna b. 1666 m. Cornelis Jansen
  6. Hendrick b. 1670 m. Niesjen de Groot
  7. Petronella b. 1673 m. ____________
  8. Alida (or Aeltje) b. 1678 died in infancy
  9. Alida b. 1680 m. ___________

The first son, Gregorus,2 married Engeltje van Dyck, who bore him a son, Jan, in 1704. Jan married Rachel de’Rivier, whose second daughter, Engeltje of the fourth generation, born in 1730, married Abraham Jurckse.

The Storm Family Crest was reflected in a field by a ship at sea under storm sail. The Crest, the helmet of a knight with visor closed, Affronte, surmounted by eagles’ wings with a motto, “Vertouwt,” otherwise translated, “In God We Trust.”

Reference for some of the material quoted comes from “Old Dirck’s Book” A Brief Account of the Life and Times of Dirck Storm of Holland, His Antecendents and the Family He Founded in 1662. The book was privately printed in 1949 by R. W. Storm. The references to the book can be found in the New York Public Library.

Also, “Documentary History of New York” (O’Callaghan) Vol. III, pg. 52.
Records of Old Sleepy Hollow (Dutch) Church, Tarrytown, New York.
Research by Donald Mackay, Ossining, New York, and Mrs. Mildred Smith, Miami, Florida.

It would appear that Rachel’s father, Abraham, had married twice. First, to a Rachel Van Weert and secondly, in 1705 on November 6, to Wentje Crantje Harrickson, who was baptized in 1684. She was the daughter of Eunis Crantje Harrickson, who was baptized in 1684. Yoentje was also the daughter of Eunis.