The Dutch Ancestry of Jurckse

It has taken many years of patience and persevering research by persons in the New York area to trace the Jurckse family back to Paulus Jurcksen prior to Abraham, the fourth generation.

Most Dutch family names were changed with each generation; frequently, with many and various spellings. Also, if they moved from one location to another, the name was often changed. When the name was changed from Dutch to English, the Dutch “J” became a “Y” in English, as the Dutch “J” or “TJ” has the same sound as the English “Y.” In Westchester County, New Netherland, now New York State, where many of the Yerxa ancestors lived, the various spellings found include: Jurckse, Jurks, Yerkes, Yorkse, Yourx, Durkse, Jurckzen, Yurksea. As yet the Yerxa links in the Netherlands have not been verified extensively, although it is felt that the Jurckses had their “roots” in Fresia - probably the western part.

Darlene Yerxa visited Amsterdam in 1980 and picked up possible sources of additional information in the following address: Westfriese, Geneenten, Nieuwesteen I Post Bus 603, 1620 AR Hoorn 02-2090-31234.

Johannes Jurckse or Yerkes came to Nova Scotia in 1783. The following year the Province became separated from Nova Scotia and became New Brunswick in 1784. The spelling of his name at that time became Yerxa.

The first mention of Yerxa in the New World was in 1657 when Poulus Jurcksen was mentioned in court minutes of Fort Orange NY.

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