Poulus Jurcksen

Poulus Jurcksen or Jurckse married Christina Janse. He is first recorded March 18, 1657 at Fort Orange NY. About 1658 they were living in Esopus, Ulster County, but shortly after that date, they moved to Albany where they lived until about 1675 when they settled in Bergen, New Jersey. Paulus is believed to have emigrated from The Netherlands. He died before 1676 in New York. There were nine children.

Children of Poulus Jurcksen and Christina Janse

  1. Johannes born about 1658 in Esopus, Ulster County NY
  2. Mynno born 1655 at Albany NY
  3. Antje born 1657 at Albany NY
  4. Hilletje born 1660 at Albany NY
  5. Cornelius born 1662 at Albany NY
  6. Wyntje born 1664 at Albany NY
  7. Dirck born 1666 at Bergen NJ
  8. Eegie born 1668 at Bergen NJ
  9. Christina born 1670 at Bergen NJ