The Old Town of Woodstock

Looking up Main Streen in the early 1800's

Looking up Main Street

Business Districty of Woodstock in 1856 when the town was incorporated.  Thomas Green, born in 1826 would have been 30 when this picture was taken.

Business District, 1856

Green Street, 1859.

Green Street, 1859

Town square from the south side of the Creek, 1870.  Thomas Green was 44 and his son Stephen Smith Green, born in 1866, was 4 so this is the Woodstock they would have known.

Town Square from south side of creek

Town square and creek bridge, 1870.

Town square and creek bridge

Creek Bridge, 1870.

Creek Bridge

Saint John River Bridge. In 1876 the N. B. Railway Co. completed the first bridge across the river at Woodstock. It was the only bridge for horses and pedestrians between Grand Falls and Saint John.

Saint John River Bridge , 1876