The Town of Woodstock

Woodstock, incorporated in 1856, is the oldest incorporated town in New Brunswick. The town shares the colourful history of the Saint John River valley, largely settled by Loyalists following the American War of Independence.

Situated at the confluence of the Meduxnekeag and the Saint John Rivers, Woodstock is one of the most beautiful towns of New Brunswick. From Woodstock, it is only a few minutes drive to Interstate 95 - the gateway to the state of Maine and various urban centres.

Today, Woodstock is the recreation centre of Western New Brunswick. Modern and extensive recreation facilities, including a new 6.5 million dollar multipurpose recreation complex, cover all phases of summer and winter activities. One can visit four parks located within the community and walk the trails of a new wildlife park along the marsh land of the Meduxnekeag River.

Woodstock is known as the"Hospitality Town" because of the axiom among its first settlers that no visitors should pass through the community without sharing it's hospitality.

Some Scenes from Woodstock