Notes About Cabot Abram Yerxa

Following in his father's mold, Cabot Yerxa was an adventurer and merchandiser in the "wild west". He traveled to the Klondike in search of gold; he made his gold selling cigars to the miners and operating a small grocery store.

He homesteaded in the Californian desert, creating a legend and founding the town of Desert Hot Springs CA. His full "story" can be found on the web at "".

Cabot's "30 Room Castle" that he built is shown below.

Cabot also was an artist. He is known for his detailed paintings of landscapes, deserts, mountains, southwestern scenes, horses, and Indians. Two of his paintings are shown below (in 2006 they were for sale in the $500 range).


Cabot spent some time in Florida, importing cigars from Cuba. One of his advertisments from 1903 is shown below.