Notes About William Yerxa

William Yerxa died 6 Sept. 1863. It would appear that his wife had predeceased him. William had made his last will and testament on 2 Sept. 1863 and that Milne Yerxa, Parish of Douglas, County of York, farmer, was appointed sole executor of said will and testament - 23 Dec. 1863. Probate court was held on 25 Jan. 1866. All personal property, goods, and chattels of William Yerxa were to be sold and used to keep house and premises in good repair. After William's just debts, funeral expenses, and testamentary charges were paid by his executor, Milne Yerxa, the executor was to collect, sue, and receive bonds, notes, books of account which were to be paid to his daughter, Marina, wife of William Dunphy, for her sole use.

Any money remaining after Marina's death from the above source was to be divided, also the estate and any other money, between brother, Milne Yerxa, and his son, Lorenzo Yerxa, share and share alike.