Notes About Sarah (Sally) Yerxa

Generation Eight of John and Joanna (Merrithew) Yerxa through their daughter Sarah Yerxa and John Woolverton

Generation Eight James W. Woolverton (Poulus 1, Johannes 2, Johannes 3, Abraham 4, Johannes (John Yerxa) 5, John Yerxa 6, Sarah (Yerxa) Woolverton 7, James W. Woolverton 8)

James W. Woolverton, son of Sarah or "Sally" (Yerxa) Woolverton and John Woolverton, was born March 5, 1856 in Northampton Parish, Carleton County, N. B. James W. Woolverton married Eva E. Hovey of Northampton. Eva was born September 25, 1854. They moved to Woodstock where they lived on Chapel Street. They operated a small type of hotel in their large house, which was known as "Woolverton House."

There were three children of James W. Woolverton and Eva E. Hovey, born in Woodstock NB.

  1. Edgar Frank Woolverton born 15 January 1888
    Married Pauline Anita McNeily
    Was a Medical Doctor in Woodstock
    Died 1 November 1967
    Buried in Greenbank Cemetery by "The Kirk" Church in Northampton
    Pauline was born 4 September 1894
    Died 30 June 1982
    Buried in Greenbank Cemetery by "The Kirk" Church in Northampton
  2. Helen Sarah Woolverton (1889-between 1936 and 1938) m. Charles E. Tuttle
  3. Kathleen Kerr Woolverton born 12 March 1895
    Died 27 April 1909 at age 14

James W. Woolverton died February 21, 1917. Buried in Northampton Greenbank Cemetery by the old Kirk Church.

Eva (Hovey) Woolverton was in poor health for five years preceding her death in the 81st year of her age, January 18, 1936. Also buried in Greenbank Cemetery, Northampton, NB.

Pauline McNeily was previously married to Salstrom and had one son, Neil Salstrom. Neil was adopted by E. Frank Woolverton; he was killed in an accident while in training with the U. S. Army during the Second World War.