Notes About Julia and Barbara P. Yerxa

Julia Yerxa and Barbara P. Yerxa were both daughters of John and Joanna Sarah (Merrithew) Yerxa.

Julia Yerxa was born in Douglas, York County in 1816 and her sister, Barbara P. Yerxa, in 1827.

Barbara was the youngest of the family and about six years of age when her parents moved from Douglas Parish to Richmond, Carleton County. A few years later John and his wife, Joanna, and the younger members of the family moved to Lower Woodstock. Julia and Barbara continued to live in the Lower Woodstock home until sometime after 1861 when they moved over to Northampton across the St. John River to live with their sister, Sarah, who had married John Woolverton.

Julia and Barbara were never married. On summer days in haying time, Sally often said to her sister, "Barbara, make a pan of biscuits so they will be cool for supper."

Press Newspaper March 4, 1901

Miss Barbara Yerxa died at the residence of her nephew James Woolverton, on Wednesday last. She has been in poor health for some time. One sister survives, Mrs. Woolverton. Deceased was 74 years of age. The funeral was held Thursday afternoon.