Notes About Emma (Amy) Yerxa

Emma Yerxa was known as "Amy." The name "Emma" apparently was just used on legal documents. She was born in 1804, Douglas Parish, York County. She was the eldest child of John and Joanna Sarah (Merrithew) Yerxa. York County marriage records: "Alexander McGibbon (MacGibbon) Douglas, married Emma Yerxa, Douglas 6 Apr. 1824. Witnesses: Wm. Currie and Wm. Dayton." Emma Yerxa was married before her parents moved up to Carleton County.

Alexander McGibbon was a descendant of John McGibbon (or MacGibbon) from Stirling, Scotland. A son of John McGibbon, David McGibbon, married Ann MacGregor (MacGregor was later changed to Drummond). David and Ann (MacGregor) McGibbon apparently had four children; namely, John (1793), Alexander (1795), Susan and Ann. The original property was a grant of 500 or 550 acres, but a greater part of it has been divided and re-divided and other people own it. Part of the original grant is still owned by a descendant of Sandy McGibbon. This property is on the Carlisle Road about one mile or one-half mile above the Dayton Cemetery. A new part was built on the old house in later years when some of the younger members of the family moved in with the older couple. The old fashioned square cut-by-hand nails can still be seen along with the wide boards. Mrs. Elder Anderson, formerly Annie MacGibbon, lives on part of the old property. Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon was her great-great-grandmother and her Aunt Amy Wilcox (Mrs. Charles) was named for the great-great-grandmother.

Alexander McGibbon died 4 April 1841, born 1795, 46 years of age. He lies in the Dayton Cemetery, Douglas, and there is a stone. Amy McGibbon died years later. It is presumed that she is buried in the same lot with her husband, but her name and dates were not recorded.

On 10 July 1854, from Records, Woodstock Court House, Emma McGibbon, widow, of Douglas, and sisters, Barbara P. Yerxa, Woodstock, Julia Yerxa, Woodstock, spinster daughters of the late John Yerxa.

By the terms of the late John Yerxa’s will, 1849, Philip Davis of Richmond paid 22 pounds to each of them when the west part of Lot No. 4 in the Richmond Grant (Union Corner) was sold.

13 July, 1880, heirs of John Yerxa between Jarvis McGibbon, Parish of Douglas, York County. Matilda McGibbon, Martha McGibbon, Spinsters, Jonathan Hawkins and wife, Joanna Hawkins, John McGibbon, William Merrithew and wife Susan Catherine twelve dollars to each of them in settlement of the property on which Gideon Yerxa had been living. This was the part of the Lower Woodstock property of the late John Yerxa along the River Saint John. Gideon Yerxa and wife had the use of this property. Gideon had died in 1879. Land was deeded to Alexander Johnson.

Three of Amy's children were not at home when the 1851 Census, Douglas Parish was taken, as their father, Alexander MacGibbon, died in 1841. Joanna MacGibbon was living with her Aunt Sarah (Yerxa) Woolverton in Northampton Parish, Carleton County, when the 1851 Census was taken. Archie MacGibbon and sister Eliza MacGibbon must have been living with other relatives or friends, probably in the Douglas area.

Children of Emma (Amy) Yerxa and Alexander McGibbon

Generation Eight Jarvis MacGibbon (Poulus 1, Johannes 2, Johannes 3, Abraham 4, Johannes (John Yerxa) 5, John 6, Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon 7, Jarvis MacGibbon 8)

Jarvis MacGibbon, son of Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon and Alexander MacGibbon, was born in 1825, Douglas Parish. He married Matilda Hawkins of Douglas Parish, born 1833. Jarvis was a farmer.

The fourteen children of Jarvis and Matilda (Hawkins) MacGibbon were:

  1. Adelia MacGibbon (1855- ) m. James Clark. No issue.
  2. Alexander MacGibbon (1856-1940) m. Jean Davidson Gray 2 January 1907, 2 children.
  3. Eliza MacGibbon (1858?- ) m. (1) Aaron Grant, (2) Thomas Sutton
  4. Charles F. MacGibbon (1861- ) m. Mary MacGibbon 25 December 1889
  5. Mary MacGibbon (1862- ) m. Alfred McKay
  6. Sherwood MacGibbon (1865- ) m. Annie Frank
  7. Ludlow MacGibbon (1866- ) m. Annie Judge
  8. Amy Yerxa MacGibbon (1868-1945) m. Charles Wilcox
  9. Fred MacGibbon (1870- ) bachelor
  10. Tilley MacGibbon (1871- ) died 3 months
  11. Sterling MacGibbon (1872- ) m. Mabel Hawkins
  12. Stella MacGibbon (1875-1879) died 4 years, 6 months
  13. Randolph MacGibbon (1876- ) died 10 months
  14. Infant boy, died 6 weeks

These dates have been adjusted from Census records, MacGibbon family chart and gravestones.

Jarvis MacGibbon died in 1892. His wife, Matilda (Hawkins) MacGibbon, died in 1909.

Generation Eight Joanna MacGibbon (Poulus 1, Johannes 2, Johannes 3, Abraham 4, Johannes (John Yerxa) 5, John 6, Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon 7, Joanna MacGibbon 8)

Joanna MacGibbon was the daughter or "Amy" (Yerxa) MacGibbon and Alexander MacGibbon, born in 1833 in Doublas Parish, York County. After her father’s death, Joanna lived for a time with her Aunt Sarah (Yerxa) Woolverton in Northampton Parish, Carleton County.

Joanna MacGibbon married Jonathan Hawkins of Douglas Parish, York County, possibly the son of George and Susan Hawkins. Jonathan was born in 1835.

Joanna (MacGibbon) Hawkins and Jonathan Hawkins had four children:

  1. Herman Hawkins ( - ) m. Hattie Carlisle
  2. George C. Hawkins ( - 14 April 1932) m. Barbara May Dunphy 28 September 1892
  3. Amerith F. Hawkins ( 4 April 1873- ) m. M. Gorman
  4. Frank Hawkins ( - ) m. ________

On the 13th of July, 1880, Joanna (MacGibbon) Hawkins and husband, Jonathan Hawkins, heirs of John Yerxa, were paid $12.00 each. This was to settle the north half of John Yerxa’s property which he had bequeathed by will to son Gideon Yerxa as long as he lived and then to the lawful heirs. This property was located at Lower Woodstock.

Generation Eight Susan Catherine MacGibbon (Poulus 1, Johannes 2, Johannes 3, Abraham 4, Johannes (John Yerxa) 5, John 6, Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon 7, Susan Catherine MacGibbon 8)

Susan Catherine MacGibbon, daughter of Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon and Alexander MacGibbon, born ca. 1840, married William Merrithew, farmer, Douglas Parish, York County, N. B.

Eight children of Susan Catherine (MacGibbon) Merrithew and William Merrithew were:

  1. Elbridge Merrithew ( ) m. Mary Appelby
  2. Mame (Mamie) Merrithew ( ) m. H. Mitchell
  3. Ada Merrithew ( ) m. (1) H. Lewis, (2) G. Dean
  4. Amy Merrithew ( ) m. D. Campbell
  5. Joseph Merrithew ( ) m. Etta Hawkins
  6. Randolph Merrithew ( ) m.
  7. William Merrithew (1880-1974) m. Rita McCoy
  8. Fred Merrithew ( ) m. _____________1904

Susan Catherine (MacGibbon) Merrithew and husband William also shared in the heirship property of John Yerxa at Lower Woodstock and each received $12.00.

Generation Eight John MacGibbon (Poulus 1, Johannes 2, Johannes 3, Abraham 4, Johannes (John Yerxa) 5, John 6, Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon 7, John MacGibbon 8)

John MacGibbon, son of Amy (Yerxa) MacGibbon and Alexander MacGibbon, was born in Douglas Parish, York County, N. B. ca. 1842? Farmer. Baptist in religion.

John MacGibbon married Jemima Gilbert, daughter of Susan Ann (Yerxa) Gilbert and Josiah Gilbert. Jemima was born 22 Sept. 1850.

Children of John MacGibbon and Jemima (Gilbert) MacGibbon were:

  1. Garner MacGibbon (1889-1964) m.
  2. Archie MacGibbon ( ) inventor
  3. Susan MacGibbon ( ) m. Neil Coyle
  4. Daughter ? MacGibbon ( ) m. Thomas Wilson (Devon)

John MacGibbon shared in the heirship property settlement of John Yerxa and received a $12.00 share.

John MacGibbon died at Douglas in 1896. Jemima MacGibbon died at Douglas in 1940.

References: MacGibbon Chart, Census Records of York and Carleton Counties, Woodstock Registry Office, Gravestones, Mrs. Mildred Munsey, Weston, Mass.