Notes About John Yerxa

John Yerxa, the second son of Johannes (John) and Catherine (Gerow) Yerxa, was born in Tarrytown, New York, in 1777, and came with his parents as a Loyalist in August 1783 when he was six years of age. Died at age 82, 28 Aug. 1849 at Lower Woodstock, N. B. He was married to Johanna Sarah Merrithew, born 1786 or 1787 (census record). John was a farmer.

John obtained a grant of land at Union Corner in Richmond and in 1833 moved to the area. His son, Levi Yerxa, was about nine years of age at the time. On July 29, 1834, John Yerxa, Jr. purchased from Alexander Watson and Wife for 250 pounds lawful money, Lot No. 8, Granted to Samuel McKean in a grant to Nathan Smith on the western bank of the River St. John, 84 rods wide containing 530 acres more or less, bounded on the north by lands owned by Walter Hay, on southern side by lands granted to the late Honorable John Saunders, easterly by River St. John. (Record Office, Woodstock, N. B.)

In the year 1832, Carleton County was cut off from York County making Eel River the southern boundary line. The new county was named for Thomas Carleton (first governor of New Brunswick).

John Yerxa, Jr. died 28 Aug. 1849, aged 72 years. He was buried in Dow Cemetery, Dowville, York County. On his tombstone:

John Yerxa
AE 72 yrs
God my redeemer lives
And ever from the skies
Looks down and watches all my days
Till He shall bid me rise.

Erected by his children

Before the building of the Mactacquac Power Dam, the Power Commission moved graves and tombstones to Lower Meductic from Dowville Cemetery as the low lying lands along the St. John River would be flooded.

In the 1851 Census, Carleton County, N. B., John Yerxa, Jr.'s widow, Joanna (Merrithew) Yerxa, was listed as Sarah Yerxa, age 65. John Yerxa, Jr. had died two years previously. Living at home were Julie, Gideon, Levi and Barbara. It is assumed that Joanna Sarah Yerxa was buried in Dowville beside her husband, but her name and dates were not recorded on the stone.

The old house on the Lower Woodstock property stood for many years after the large new home was built, but is gone now (1985).

The Woodstock Sentinel Newspaper, 1865, records the death of Mrs. John Yerxa. Joanna died 31 March 1865, aged 78 years.

On 1 October 1847, John Yerxa had made his will.

(From Registry Office in Carleton County Courthouse, Woodstock, N. B.)

In 1861 Census, Carleton County, Woodstock Parish, we find Johanna Yerxa, John Yerxa’s widow, living with son, Gideon Yerxa and wife Jean. Levi Yerxa had married previously. Unmarried sisters, Julia and Barbara P. Yerxa, were living with sister, Sarah (Mrs. John Woolverton) in Northampton across the St. John River from Lower Woodstock.