Notes About Isaac Gerow Yerxa

Isaac Gerow Yerxa, a farmer, fourth son of Johannes (John) and Catherine (Gerow) Yerxa, was born in 1787, probably at Burton, Sunbury County, N. B. Isaac married Martha Shepard. She was known as "Patty" and was born in 1796.

By his father's will (John Yerxa Sr.), 11th March 1828, Isaac was to have an equal share of the farm where his father resided known as Lot No. 6 in the grant along with brothers, Abraham, John and Daniel except for an acre willed to daughter Rachel (Yerxa) White.

According to Methodist Church records, Richmond Parish, Isaac Yerxa settled at Green Road in 1827.

In 1833, we see Isaac obtaining land in Richmond. Robert W. Crookshank and wife Jane of Richmond sold to Isaac Yerxa on 14th June, 1833 for 50 pounds lawful money Lot No. 1, granted to Thomas Armstrong in Richmond bounded on the west by United States, containing 200 acres more or less. Isaac received a government allowance of 10 percent. (Reference from Registry Office, Woodstock, N. B.)

Names and birthdates, also several death dates, are from the family record book of the Old Presbyterian Church at McKenzie Corner, now the United Church of Canada.

A tombstone in the old part of the cemetery, McKenzie Corner, marks the last resting place of Isaac Gerow Yerxa. His wife's name was never added to the stone. Inscription on the stone:

In memory of
Isaac G. Yerxa
October 4th, 1859
Aged 72 years
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep
From which none ever wake to weep
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes.

A stone for the two unmarried daughters is near.

June 14, 1851
A.E. 21 years
October 14, 1853
AE 30 yrs
"Daughters of Isaac and Martha Yerxa"