Notes About Daniel Yerxa

Daniel, third son of John and Catherine (Gerow) Yerxa, was born in Tarrytown, N.Y., in 1788, and was an infant "five years old" when he landed with the Loyalists in 1783 along with his parents, sister, Elizabeth, and brothers, Abraham and John.

Daniel became a tavern keeper in Fredericton in later years.

In 1837, Stephen Gerow 5 of Saint John wrote his cousin, Daniel Gerow 5, of Plattekill, New York, "I made a stop at cousin Abraham Yerxa. I found them all well excepting Daniel Yerxa. He is entirely helpless and has been for upward of three years. His dau. Lydia is married to George Vail and moved to Hamilton, Canada (Ontario)"

Daniel made his will 3 Aug. 1836.

Daniel Yerxa Fredericton, 1836

After the usual preliminary manner and form of making a will, Daniel then directs his executor to pay all his just debts out of his estate as soon after his decease as may be convenient. Quoting from his will, "First I give and bequeath to my sons William and Elias the dwelling house in the parish of Fredericton that my son William now lives in with all barns and outhouses on said premises and all the land that belongs to the said premises with one-half the alley that is between my home dwelling and said premises to be equally divided between my sons William and Elias with all bank notes and accounts that I may hold against any person at the time of my decease to be equally divided between my two before mentioned sons except a note of hand that I hold against Thomas Pickard of Fredericton. I give and bequeath to my sons Charles and Milne my store building in the parish of Fredericton with all barns and outhouses with all the land belonging to the premises with one-half of the alley." (lady on tape indicated that the remainder of this line was left out of whatever she was reading.)

"I give and bequeath to my two daughters, Barbara and Sarah Ann, the two lots that lay in the parish of Fredericton together with all the land I own on the Island in the River St. John (north of Fredericton) to be equally divided between my two daughters Barbara Pickard, the wife of Moses Pickard Jr. and Sarah Ann Pickard, the wife of Amos Pickard. To daughter Lydia, wife of George Vail, the note against Thomas Pickard of Fredericton for 150 pounds, principal and in cash such note and interest, a sufficient sum to make her 200 pounds Lawful money of New Brunswick."

Daniel nominated his son-in-law, Moses Pickard, Jr., to be the executor. 3rd Aug. 1836. Daniel Yerxa's mark. Sealed, signed, and witnessed in our presence. Moses Pickard, Abraham Yerxa, Isaac Allen Yerxa.

Daniel made his mark probably because he was so badly paralyzed. Daniel Yerxa died 28 Oct. 1839. On 30 Dec. 1839 York County Surrogate Court Judge called for the Probate of the late Daniel Yerxa's will.

As Daniel's wife and daughter Catherine were not mentioned in his will, it is assumed that they must have died previously.