Before Johannes Yerkse (John Yerxa) was four years of age, his widowed mother, Engeltje (Storm) Jurckse had remarried.

“March 1755, Hendrick Bolye, widower, born in Phillipsburgh, and Engeltje Storm, widow of Abraham Jurckse, born on the Manor of Cortlandt and lives here, married.” (Entry #258, page 170. The First Record Book of Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, published 1901 by Yonkers Historical Society.

Hendrick Bolye [Bulyea/Belyea]

Henry Bolye by his first marriage to Deborah Carpenter had two sons, John and Joseph Bulyea, and two daughters, Mary and Judy Bulyea. Engeltie (Storm) Yerkes and Henry Bulyea had eight children: Deborah Bulyea, Abraham Bulyea, James Bulyea, Lavinia Bulyea, Robert Bulyea, Henry Bulyea, Jr., Thomas Bulyea and William Bulyea.

John Belyea (1739-1813) married Susannah VanSniffin

Mary Belyea (1741-1765) married Robert Williams

Judy Belyea (1743-?) married John Nichols

Joseph Belyea (1746-1845)

Deborah Belyea (1756-?) married Richard MacDonald

Abraham Belyea (1757-1833) married Catherine Tabilet; married Sarah Butter

James Albright Belyea (1759-1840) married Jemina Purdy at Saint John NB 1783

Lavinia Belyea (1761-?) married Col. John Stevens

Robert Belyea (1765-1830)

Henry Belyea, Jr. (1766-1849) married Mary Parks

Thomas Belyea

William Belyea